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I. Reflect on the research step:
1. Was there any information that was unexpected?
Not really. The only information that was a bit surprising was the graduate school ranking, with Columbia as number 2. That was a bit surprising because no one really hears anything about Missouri.
2. Was there any information that was expected?
I expected the different types of print and broadcast journalisms.
3. What was it like talking with these organizations?
It wasn't as intense as I thought it would be. Everyone was really down to earth and willing to answer my questions.

II. Reflect on the selection step:
1. Why did you select the three you chose? What was/were the most important factors for each of the three?
I decided to choose three universities and companies being:
Columbia, Northwestern, and NYU. My top companies are MTV, the Red Eye, and the History Channel. I based my decisions on location, opportunity, stress factor vs. free spirited, readership/viewership, and my passion and love for that particular area of work and the school itself.
2. Has your career direction changed after considering all of the criteria?
No, not at all.
3. Looking at your top 3 criteria, why are they so important to you?
I just love to write. I love to be creative. That's why it's so important...I'll get paid to do what I love and share my passion and skills with everyone else.

III. Reflect on the design step:
1. Does your text provide an appropriate level of information?
2. What did you want to convey with your images? Do they support the text and help convey your message?
Not really. I saw a picture of a flower and thought it was awesome!
3. How does your audience selection influence the presentation?
I think since my audience is primarily girls, I'm sure they'll appreciate the awesomeness of this flower.
4. How does your color scheme enhance your theme or presentation?
It makes it vibrant.

IV. Reflect on design implementation:
1. Did you have prior experience with using an authoring tool such as FrontPage?
Not at all.
2. Did you find FrontPage easy or difficult? Why?
I found it was pretty easy, once I got the hang of things and looked at a few tutorials.
3. What would you do different with your web page if you had another chance?
Nothing at all.
4. Did you have anyone test or critique your web page? If so, who and why did you choose that person(s)?
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