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A Fresh Start

So, tonight I realized that the new year is upon me and I cannot analyze or stress myself any longer. I've done all that I could and although this relationship is the most important part of my life, there have been many other parts of my life this year that have been beyond amazing that I should focus on and celebrate. I need to reflect on those moments and look forward to the amazing things that will happen in 2009. I'm so ready for this fresh start! For this fresh beginning! For this breath of fresh air. I'm ready to say goodbye and farewell to all the drama and negativity and sadness that came in 2008. I'm looking forward to everything 2009 has to offer and I'm ready to go full force and grab it by the horns! I'm ready to put everything that happened in 08 behind me...I'm not bringing it into 09. I'm leaving behind the negativity, the uncertainty, indecisiveness, worrying, mean things that people have done or said...anything and everything that does not belong in 2009 will not be in 2009. And that's that... I just pray for restoration of strength. Restoration of peace. Restoration of focus. Restoration of intelligence. Restoration of love. Restoration of hope. Restoration of faith. Restoration. Period. I'm ready for a fresh start.
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